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Get a taste of what it is, what it takes, and what you've got — and discover all the ways your voice could be making you money.

Dojo blackbelt Jason Vande Brake went from “You Should Do Voiceover” to getting repped by William Morris Endeavor and booking in just a year.

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In just six weeks of supercharged, powerful LIVE online training you get:

A thorough overview and delicious taste of the many ways your voice can be making money — from commercials to animation to video games to much, much more.

A hands-on understanding of what you need to break in and break through — what it takes to really make it.

How to apply your other experiences and expertise — stage, film, singing, dancing, gardening, painting, parenting — to excel at voiceover.

Recommendations on the recording equipment and software you need to get started.

Resources to take home: a comprehensive Copy Bible — real copy from all voiceover genres — and MP3 copies of all your work.

A safe, supportive, encouraging environment to try things out, with coaching from one of LA’s top talents.

The "You Should Do Voiceover" Curriculum

Get a comprehensive intro to the world of professional voiceover and all the ways your voice could be making money.

Here is what you will learn when joining us virtually every Saturday or Monday over 6-weeks. 

 Program also includes an extensive V.O. Dojo Copy Bible!

Awakening your V.O. Awareness

The Art & Business of V.O.

Breaking it Down

Commercial Copy: TV vs. Radio

Working It

Commercial Copy: The Sell-o-meter

Recording Equipment

Care and Feeding of the Voice Actor

Telling the Story


Bringing it to Life

Animation & Video Games

Taking the Leap

Building Your V.O. Business –

Wherever You Are


I haven’t met anyone who teaches you as holistically as Tish does...

"You really focus on everything… you focus on the technique, the skills, the business information and also focus on life skills…I learned from the V.O. Dojo how to be a professional and how to approach a V.O. Career…. When I met an agent at a workshop and she called me in for a meeting… I knew I was signed when I got two auditions the next day…I wasn’t like, "Oh my God! What do I do with this, I was able to say, "OK, this is exciting and I’m ready to get to work!”

Adele Kuforiji

Fun, inspirational, informative! You'll wish you took the class years ago... 

"Tish will change the way you think about voiceover. Yes, she'll deliver countless juicy tips and tricks of the trade – but even better, she'll give you deep insights into the process of mastering the art of VO and help you develop your plan of attack. YSDVO is fun, inspirational, and astoundingly informative. You'll wish you took the class years ago."

Jason Vande Brake

Jason Vande Brake

YSDVO Intensive, March 2013 • M2M Member

Highly recommend this class! 

“Comprehensive, interactive, mind-expanding, fun... Tish delivers a wealth of invaluable, always up‑to‑date information. Loved her focus on how to develop a consistent energy to support the work. I came away not only with improved technique, but with a clear sense of both how to continue to develop my craft on my own and what to expect in my professional pursuit of V.O. jobs. Highly recommend this class!”

Elise Robertson

Elise Robertson

Actress/Director/Producer of Donner Pass

An incredible experience

“Having the support of The Dojo makes me realize that what I considered a possibility is now a certainty.”

Mariana Djuro

Mariana Djuro

A fantastic place to learn and grow...

“...taught by people who know every aspect of their craft. The really wonderful thing is that while you're making an investment in the program, they actually invest in you. To put it crudely, they give a s**t about you. They care about who you are and how you're doing. I think that is something very rare and special."

David Varela

David Varela

Before I even finished the class, I booked a huge video game!

"So I took Tish's class, which was an amazing overview of the voiceover world. With her help I uncovered my ability to do video games, and before I even finished the class, I had booked a HUGE video game which gave me work for the next nine months. Tish was extremely insightful and gave me amazing direction and guidance. The money I made on the video game helped me buy an amazing microphone and make a video game reel, with plenty left over. Thank you, Tish. You are amazing!"

Valorie Hubbard

Valorie Hubbard

YSDVO Intensive, November 2011

Gave me the confidence I needed to win over the first agency I met with... 

"Tish is great at demystifying and has helped me see that V.O. is a craft that's fun, fulfilling, lucrative, and accessible. Tish gave me the confidence I needed to win over the first agency I met with, and through her I received and booked my first audiobook audition. I so value Tish's guidance, wisdom and support and can't thank her enough for all she's done to help me launch a very cool career.”

Ethan Sawyer

Ethan Sawyer


“A safe and nurturing program that teaches the technical, emotional, and intimate aspects of voiceover... I have experienced a renaissance in all of my acting. This program has reawakened my love and passion for acting and my desire to communicate honestly, clearly, with joy and love.”

Anne Kanengeiser

Phantom of the Opera National Touring Co.

Tish Hicks

"At the V.O. Dojo, we are all about aligning you with the power and possibility of your voice. We are here to guide, support, connect, and accelerate you every step of the
way from "I don't know" to working pro.  The "You Should Do Voiceover" intensive is just the beginning of your
journey to a sustainable, successful voiceover career."

About Tish Hicks

Tish Hicks has been a working voice pro in many genres for 20+ years (Subaru, GTA5, Stinky & Dirty). As the founder of The V.O. Dojo, a full voiceover training center in L.A., Tish has helped people from all different backgrounds unleash the power of their voice and build sustainable, successful careers.  

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